Find the most suitable software version for you

We provide our software in two versions. Both versions have the basic features available, which allows a small company to cope with its whole workaday life in the office.

With the cost-saving version ingenious.basic also one-man businesses succeed with the entrance into a modern billing software.

For bigger companies with a high need of individualization we offer the .plus version that can be flexibly extended with additional features and modules. You will find quiet easily a software tailored to your needs.

And when you enlarge your company, the software will grow, too. An upgrade from ingenious.basic to is possible at any time.

Version comparison list
Contact administrationxx
General contact administrationxx
Special prices per customerxx
Serial letter assistantxx
Collective reminderxx
CRM analysisx
Profit contribution analysisx
ABC customer analysisx
Product cataloguexx
Free definable product directoriesxx
Item picturesxx
Multi supplierxx
XML article im-/exportx
Stock monitorxx
Part lists / Product configuratorsox
Picture scripts / Drawingsox
WYSIWYG project entryxx
Single items / productsxx
Multi itemsxx
Rearrangement of itemsxx
Inventory postingxx
Partial and final invoicesxx
Combine projectsx
Dunning runxx
Purchase ordersxx
Single ordersxx
Purchase order assistant / Auto orderx
Inventory postingxx
Project time recordingxx
Work report per projectxx
Tabular time schedulingxx
Time scheduling in calendar viewxx
Team calendarxx
Receipt entryxx
Entry of incoming receiptsxx
Fibu exportx
Export of sales to Datevx
Inventory managementxx
Single postings of itemsxx
Collected postings in inventory documentsxx
Inventory postings by barcode scannerx
Data importxx
XML item import / exportx
Import of data from .csv filesxx
Datanorm importxx
Flexible SQL import / exportxx
Stored scripts for manipulation of dataox
Event related Scriptsox
Scripts in part lists and on documentsox
Capacity planningx
Capacity of production in planning tablex
Realtime updatex
Moving orders when overloadedx
TAPI interfacex
Linking a phone call with a stored contactx
Print reportsxx
Measurment sheetsox
Print report designerx
Predefined reportsxx
Product statisticsx
Combined reportsxx
Flexible printing listviewsxx