Here you find the information about all improvements of the latest update of ingenious.basic (Version of 2nd of January 2019):




and ingenious.V12 (Version from 20th of December 2018):
Update Overview ingenious.V12

WebHelp ingenious.V12

Update Manual

All new features were developed for customer request. If also you want to tell us your ideas, you can do this by using the contact form.

We look forward to your suggestions.

The latest update can be downloaded from our FTP server by our customers with service contracts. You can get the needed login credentials from your Ingenious agent.

Customers without service contract can get the update after paying an update fee that is dependent from the scope of license and of the age of the existing version.

Of course, it’s possible to place a service contract later at any time. So, you can receive future updates automatically and with no additional costs.