Time management / Project times

Details and features of the project times:

  • Project times list view: Entry of project related work times for invoicing, time schedule for the staffs – field appointments, installation teams, …; colored labeling of invoicing status, filter for timeframe, staff, project
  • Project time detail view: time log or appointment for user or team, Log or schedule of start and end time, reminder, title and description text, assignment to a commission / customer, appointment type and status
  • Commission management: Grouping appointments in commissions, Monitoring of the planned times, variance analysis, calculation of the percentaged completion, warning message for operating grade, time span of the commission, assignment to a customer
  • Team management: Entry of fix teams, alternatively dynamic teams, Assignment of users with drag&drop
  • Calendar view: Display of day / week / month, select one or more users / teams, Creation of an appointment with drag&drop of a project; tasks and memo