Data migration

Whenever you’re not starting your business right now, you already have “gathered” a plenty of data within another software solution. Of course, you want to preserve and continue to use them.

You want to keep your customer base with its project history. This is smoothly possible with ingenious.basic.

In 99% of all cases we provide to migrate at least:

  • Single articles / items / parts,
  • Customer data,
  • Special price rules
  • Project heads.

Project head data are project addresses, project numbers and project sums. With these data analyses are also possible for the past years.

In many cases – depending from your old software – also the project items can be migrated.



You want to stand out and set apart from your competitors? You want to shine at your customers with attractive and clear proposals?

In ingenious.basic all text templates are freely customizable to our company’s design. With support of placeholders, e.g. project addresses and free elements, e.g. your company’s logo the content and creative elements can be placed on the templates at will.

The included example templates can be modified by yourself or you resort to our experiences and order your personalized templates from us.